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Coming to St Thibery...Proposed opening is in April 2014

 Zoo du Val d’Hérault - Herault Valley Zoo

An exciting and innovative concept
Set among the vineyards of St Thibery with a backdrop of the ancient volcano Mount Ramus

1,200 animals, 300 species, 15 hectares, 8 ecosystems
An incredible diversity of unique species in France
One of the largest collections of birds of Europe
An aerial show of free-flying birds
A Natural History Museum
A nursery for breeding endangered species
Immersion spaces "Zoo Contact" bringing man and animal together.
Natural universere creating the world's ecosystems.
A botanical journey of more than 500 plant species.

The Herault Valley Zoo expects an annual attendance of 60,000 visitors.
St Thibery
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This is the guide to Saint Thibery with info, photos, travel maps, videos and more.

(Saint-Thibéry in French - Sant Tibèri in Occitan)


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